Quench your thirst or Satisfy your Cravings

Breaktime Vending offers a variety of service options to suit your company's everyday needs. With modern machines, outfitted with Bill Changers, Apple Pay and Credit and Debit Card Acceptors, all machines are equipped with Surevend technology, ensuring 100% guarantee product delivery and/or change returned. We provide all equipment free of charge, and our technicians are available on a 24 hours basis. Fully insured, all equipment service and repairs are our responsibility.​

  • Guaranteed delivery of equipment and service
  • One-on-one customer service
  • Scheduled product replenishment and maintenance
  • Competitively priced products and accurate billing
  • Large selection of snacks and beverages
  • Premium quality coffees and brewers
  • Guaranteed product freshness​

Full Service:

This is the most common form of vending. Our service technicians fully stock and service all our machines on a routine basis. The consumer then purchases the item at full price.

Subsidized Service:

The company can choose whether they would like to subsidize the product cost for the employees/customers. Items would then be set at discounted price. Your company will be billed monthly for the price difference, based on product consumption.

With this option, your company is provided with tokens at a set dollar value - that can be chosen by your company. These tokens can then be distributed to employees/customers to use in the vending machines. Your company is then billed, whenever tokens are provided.​

Free Vend:

All items in the machine will be set free of charge. Your company will be billed monthly, based on product consumption.