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Healthy Vending

Breaktime Vending is pleased to have been a participant with the Region of Peel in the Ontario Government's School Food and Beverage Policy. We were active participants in providing input and suggestions for the final decision and roll out on September 1, 2011, with respect to the vending machines 80/20 product content for providing healthy snacks.

From this experience we continue to be committed to providing our clientele with not only their specific requests for individual products, but we also make the effort in recommending and providing healthy snacks, with a wide variety of healthy products at our disposal.

Snack Vending Services

Snack Vending

Breaktime Vending offers a wide array of snack choices including chips, chocolates, refreshers, healthy and energy bars, etc. Breaktime Vending is your employees' one-stop-shop, allowing them to save time and money during their busy workday. Keeping your employees and customers well-fed in a timely manner ensuring they have a productive day ahead of them. 

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